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Annual Servicing of Oil Boilers

Prestige Heating and Electrical Services have a team of professional boiler engineers to hand, all members of OFTEC (the Oil Firing Technical Association) to take care of your oil boiler to ensure it works fuel efficiently.

We recommend oil boilers be serviced annually – just like gas boilers – to keep your oil boiler running optimally and to pick up any minor or potential faults which may develop into costly repairs if the oil boiler is neglected and not regularly maintained.

Like any appliance an oil boiler will not run forever without eventually breaking down, but a service every year means you’ll get the maximum life possible from your boiler before you have to invest in a replacement oil boiler.

Because of the fuel they burn oil boilers and oil-fired heating systems are particularly susceptible to a build-up of soot, which means expert servicing is crucial. Besides maintaining mechanical efficiency, a service will keep your oil boiler safe – if it is not combusting properly it could be giving off toxic carbon monoxide.

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What We Do During an Oil Boiler Service

When you book an annual oil boiler service with Prestige Heating and Electrical Services we will make an appointment at your convenience to send our qualified OFTEC engineers to your home.

Our engineers will start by making a visual inspection of the boiler including, flue, piping and your oil tank to check for any visible leaks or faults making sure everything is safe.

We take off the casing of the boiler and clean all the parts that require it including the burner, we replace the oil nozzle, test to make sure the oil boiler is combusting correctly and check that all the safety devices are working as they should be.

Servicing an oil boiler can be a messy business, but you can rest assured that our engineers will be respectful of your home – they’re experienced at doing a thorough job and protecting your house from any dirt. When they’re done, they clean up and leave everything clean and tidy.

After servicing your oil boiler, we issue you with a comprehensive Service record of everything we’ve done, and let you know if there are any issues which need further attention.

We will send you a yearly reminder to make an appointment to have your boiler serviced, so you need never worry about trying to remember the last time it was done.


We make an appointment at your convenience for our engineers to visit.

Safety Checks

We check your system to make sure your boiler is operating as intended.

Service Report

We provide a full service report detailing your boiler.

Peace of mind

Landlord Oil Boiler Safety Certificates

There is no law compelling Landlords of rental properties with an oil-fired boiler to have the boiler regularly serviced and safety checked, as is the case with gas boilers. Landlords are, however, subject to the Consumer Protection Act of 1987 which requires that rental properties should be kept safe for the occupation of tenants.

The vast majority of landlords take their duty of care responsibly and follow best practice to make sure oil boilers in rental properties are periodically serviced and maintained by a reputable company, for safety’s sake, to prolong the life of the boiler, and safeguard themselves from expensive oil boiler repairs. We offer an oil boiler service reminder service so busy landlords can keep on top of their responsibilities.

Oil boiler servicing for homeowners and landlords is just one of the many heating and electrical services we supply in The Cotswolds, North Wiltshire, West Oxfordshire and West Berkshire to bring peace of mind and ensure the safety of our domestic clients.

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Prestige Heating and Electrical Services have a qualified team of OFTEC registered engineers to undertake professional servicing of oil-fired boilers and heating systems. We recommend that services are carried out once a year.

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