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Oil Boilers for Off Grid & Rural Locations

There are an estimated 4 million homes in the UK that are not on mains gas, mainly in rural areas. A good, cost-effective solution for these households is to install an oil boiler for home heating and to generate a supply of hot water.

Oil boilers use a stored supply of oil which means you need a tank to store the oil in. The oil itself is readily available and delivered by a local supplier of your choice. Oil boilers work in the same way as gas boilers and come in the same three types – combi, system or regular.

Prestige Services heating engineers are OFTEC (Oil Firing Technical Association) registered and experienced at installing and maintaining oil boilers throughout our area of operation across The Cotswolds, North Wiltshire, West Oxfordshire and West Berkshire which includes a lot of “off grid” countryside dwellings.

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Advantages of Oil Boilers

Many people believe that oil fired boilers are more expensive to run than gas powered ones, but in fact they are more or less on a par, depending on the fluctuating price of oil, and they are certainly cheaper than electric heating systems.

The good news is that oil is a highly efficient fuel so you get a good return on every unit of energy, particularly if you have a modern condensing boiler which captures and utilises the hot flue gases before they are lost.

Most modern oil boilers have a 90+ A rating, and they are cleaner as they release less carbon emissions compared to older oil boilers.

Prestige Services have a team of qualified OFTEC registered heating engineers Platinum accredited to install Worcester oil boilers at excellent prices.

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Prestige Services have a team of qualified OFTEC registered heating engineers.

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Benefits of Replacing an Old Oil Boiler

If you have an old oil boiler you would be wise to consider replacing it with a modern A-rated condensing boiler which will be cheaper to run and less likely to break down or be unsafe.

The benefits of replacing your old oil boiler with a new one not only reduces your fuel bills, but you’ll get more effective heating performance and reduce your carbon footprint.

Combi oil boilers work best in smaller houses. If you have a large property with a heavy demand for heating and hot water we’ll probably advise you choose a modern system or regular boiler with a hot water storage cylinder.

Whatever type of replacement oil boiler you decide to choose you can rely on Prestige Heating and Electrical Services to supply and install it with the minimum of fuss and bother, at the best possible price.

Following on from the new boiler being installed Prestige will contact you each year with a reminder to have your new oil boiler serviced to keep it running in top condition for years to come.

Annual Service

We recommend a yearly service before winter from our team.

Optimum Efficiency

Our service checks your system to make sure your boiler is operating as intended.

Long Lasting

Keep your boiler maintained for a longer lasting lifecycle.

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