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Electricity turns the wheels of business in the UK economy, from offices to factories, so the safe, efficient installation and maintenance of electrical systems in commercial premises are vital to keeping the economy ticking over.

Installing electrical equipment in commercial properties is a highly specialised task. Each industrial or commercial electrical installation comes with unique requirements, depending on the type of business involved and the electrical equipment and/or machinery the business needs to operate.

Prestige Heating and Electrical Services carry out commercial electrical installations across The Cotswolds, North Wiltshire, West Oxfordshire and West Berkshire.

Our highly qualified, professional and experienced electricians work with businesses in the area installing related electrical components such as lighting, cabling for electrical equipment and 3 phase consumer units.

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Safety Certified Commercial Electrical Installations

Commercial electrical installations are more complex than residential projects because they are usually bigger, more demanding and require specialised safeguards like easily accessible conduits and high resistance wiring to protect against hazards in the business environment. Commercial installations generally require 3-phase power installations and need a higher voltage capacity than ordinary domestic installations.

Prestige Heating and Electrical electricians have many years of experience and are fully competent to take on any commercial electrical installation project.

We have valid public liability insurance and carry out all our electrical work in compliance with the BS7671 code of practice. We are registered with Elecsa one of the Government-backed competent persons schemes, which means we are able to self-certify that our commercial electrical work is in compliance with the current Regulations.

Depending on the electrical work required for your commercial premises on completion we’ll provide you with either an Electrical Installation Certificate (EIC) or Minor Electrical Installation Works Certificate (MEIWC) stating that what we’ve done meets the relevant safety standards.

Qualified Electricians

Our electricians are highly qualified to undertake your wiring and electrical projects.

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We advise you on the right installation for your premises.

Compliance & Standards

All of our installations and fittings comply with legal regulations for your employees safety and peace of mind.

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Providing the Power for Business to Succeed

Whether you are renovating existing commercial premises, adapting a business environment to suit a new enterprise, or setting up a new property for commercial use as commercial electrical contractors will be able to work alongside other trades to complete your electrical installations and find the electrical solutions you require.

We know how essential efficient electrics are to the success of your business and we can handle all sorts of installations from data cabling to electric heating systems, energy efficient lighting and powering electric machinery.

Whether you run a hairdressing salon, restaurant or have an office block Prestige Heating and Electrical Services will deliver all the power you need to succeed and maintain your electrical systems going forward.

You’ll find our detailed quotations for commercial electrical installations competitively priced and our service professional and efficient.

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