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Protection Against Electrical Threats

The electrical fuseboard (also known in modern terms as a consumer unit) is the point where the main electrical supply enters your home and is distributed to individual circuits around the building. The fuseboard monitors the current in each circuit and will trip the system if it becomes overloaded. That makes it crucial for preventing electric shocks and fires. Only a professional electrician should install, upgrade or repair a fuseboard.

Here at Prestige Heating & Electrical Services we are experienced at upgrading fuseboards in all ages of properties including older houses, many of which don’t have a residual current device (RCD) for protection against electrical threats.

Our fully qualified electricians can advise you on which fuseboard is right for your property, and install it efficiently so that it meets UK wiring regulations, keeping you and everyone in the home safe from fires and electric shocks.

We provide electrical services across The Cotswolds, North Wiltshire, West Oxfordshire and West Berkshire.

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Wiring and Re-Wiring Contractors

As most people realise wiring up a property – installing all the cabling and associated bits and pieces like switches, consumer units, sockets and light fittings – is one of the most complicated parts of a building project.

It’s essential that electrical wiring be properly planned and expertly installed because if it’s not done safely and correctly, there is a risk of electric shock or electrical fires.

Prestige Heating & Electrical Services employ only highly qualified and experienced electricians to undertake wiring projects. We undertake many smaller wiring projects such as fitting electric to extensions or loft, barn and garage conversions. We’re also adept at re-wiring old properties undergoing renovation and refurbishment.

Qualified Electricians

Our electricians are highly qualified to undertake your wiring and electrical projects.

Advice & Safety

We advise you on the right installation for your home, keeping you safe.

Compliance & Standards

All of our installations and fittings comply with legal regulations for your safety and peace of mind.

Domestic Electrical Installations

Up to Speed with Current Regulations

Because the safety of electrical wiring is so crucial all domestic electrical installations are subject to strict rules and regulations. In the UK wiring and fuseboard installation is regulated by the Institution of Engineering & Technology (established in 1871).

Prestige electricians are very up to speed with the current regulations, which involve all sorts of things such as having to know about specified wire and cable types, sizes and colours, operating voltage, current capability and more, right down to catering to environmental conditions.

Electrical installations in UK homes have to also comply with Part P of the Building regulations, which specifies things like socket heights (which have to be a minimum of 450mm from the floor) and light switches (a maximum of 1.2m above the floor).

We work closely with you, the client, on electrical installations large or small, to plan the number and location of electrical points and lights.

We safely install things like home theatre systems, a hot tub, downlighting.

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