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The Importance of Emergency Lighting

To comply with Workplace Regulations all non-domestic premises have to have some level of emergency lighting installed.

According to the law buildings like shops, offices, schools, care homes, entertainment venues, factories and warehouses all need emergency lighting so that in the event of a fire or power outage the back-up emergency lighting will stay on so that all the occupants can find their way to the nearest emergency exit.

Because of its importance emergency lighting has to be installed to a high standard, meeting the requirements of the current IET 18th Edition regulations.

Prestige Heating and Electrical Services are qualified and competent to install legally compliant emergency lighting and we do so for commercial clients in our area of operation across The Cotswolds, North Wiltshire, West Oxfordshire and West Berkshire.

As authorised contractors for emergency lighting we can also perform regular testing and maintenance of emergency lighting to keep public spaces and workplaces safe.

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The Location of Emergency Lighting

The siting of emergency lights needs careful planning, and being experienced and knowledgeable about the regulations our electricians are able to guide and advise the occupiers of commercial properties about not only where emergency lighting should be located but also the intensity and type of emergency lighting required for individual situations.

The general premise is that emergency lighting should be installed in all areas in a commercial or public building where there is artificial lighting, and also along any escape routes from the building. There should be emergency lights to illuminate fire fighting and first aid equipment, on stair cases and corridor intersections.

When we are contracted to install emergency lighting we ensure that the type of lighting we recommend for your premises, such as bulkhead lights, spotlights and modular light fittings, conforms to BS5266-1, the British Standard specifications for installing, testing and inspecting emergency lighting for different categories of commercial and public buildings, from hotels and pubs to schools, offices and shops.

Qualified Electricians

Our electricians are highly qualified to undertake your emergency lighting requirements.

Advice & Safety

We advise you on the right installation for your premises and how it meets safety standards.

Compliance & Standards

All of our installations and fittings comply with legal regulations for your employees safety and peace of mind.

Safety First

Emergency Light Testing

Our Emergency Lighting technicians hold City and Guilds qualifications in electrical inspection and testing, which means we are competent to carry out the vital task of running a full test of your emergency lighting. This should be done at least once a year. When we carry out emergency lighting tests, we usually combine it with a service of the emergency lighting system.

In between the full annual testing the building owner should make sure a quick monthly test is carried out by a responsible person appointed to do the task.

All emergency lighting tests and work on the emergency lighting installation should be recorded in a log book kept on the premises for inspection if necessary, to prove the system is being correctly maintained and in working order.

Prestige Heating and Electrical Services are happy to advise and guide building owners on how to test emergency lighting installations, and we’ll send you a reminder about when your full annual test comes due.

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