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Oil Boiler Services in Uffington the Financial Benefits

For many years the family run firm of Prestige Heating and Electrical Services have been skilfully and efficiently caring for oil-fired boilers in homes in and around the SN7 postcode area of Uffington, including Fernham, Longcot and Watchfield and all surrounding areas.  

Once you have an oil boiler and heating system installed it is crucial to keep it regularly serviced by professional OFTEC registered engineers, like those at Prestige.

The key benefit of an annual oil boiler service in Uffington and the surrounding villages are financial. It’s worth investing in the relatively minor cost of an annual service because a clean, well-maintained boiler will keep running at optimal fuel efficiency, saving you money on your oil fuel bill.

During an annual oil boiler service we can also pick up any potential problems and minor faults, stopping these from developing into more complicated issues that will be more expensive to resolve, or perhaps even lead to a total breakdown of your oil boiler in Uffington.

How we can help

Having your Oil Boiler Serviced in Uffington

When having your oil boiler serviced our qualified engineers visually inspect the boiler, the flue, piping and your oil tank to make sure they comply with safety regulations. The oil boiler nozzle is replaced, the boiler combustion is checked and engineer makes sure there are no leaks in the oil supply pipe.

In addition, the engineer removes the boiler casing and cleans any components that require it (especially the heat exchanger and the burner), and tests all the safety devices.

Once our heating engineers in Uffington have completed the oil boiler service they will provide a comprehensive Service record of everything they have checked, tested and inspected, and advise you of any faults or possible issues.

Our engineers leave the work area clean and tidy, and try not to disrupt your household whilst the oil boiler serviced is being completed. Our company ethos is to treat our customers as we would like to be treated ourselves.

Uffington postcode areas, including SN7 as well as the outlying villages are all areas we carry out servicing in.


We make an appointment at your convenience for our engineers to visit.

Safety Checks

We check your system to make sure your boiler is operating as intended.

Service Report

We provide a full service report detailing your boiler.

Peace of mind

Oil Boiler Safety Checks for Uffington Landlords

If you’re a landlord renting out a residential property in and around Uffington with an oil-fired boiler there is no legal requirement to obtain a landlord safety certificate for the appliance. Most landlords do realise, however, that they have a duty of care to ensure the safety of their tenants in Uffington and therefore an annual oil boiler service is essential.

Prestige Heating and Electrical Services therefore recommend that oil boilers, supply pipes and Oil storage tanks at Uffington rental properties be checked and serviced for everyone’s peace of mind.

Our OFTEC registered oil boiler engineers carry out servicing, inspections, maintenance and repairs of oil boilers in Uffington on behalf of landlords just as thoroughly as we do for home owners, to keep oil boilers working safely and efficiently without risk to tenants. Our engineers are qualified to issue certified oil boiler reports for landlords to keep for their records.

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Prestige Heating and Electrical Services have a qualified team of OFTEC registered engineers to undertake professional servicing of oil-fired boilers and heating systems. We recommend that services are carried out once a year.

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