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The town of Wroughton is surrounded by charming villages, and rural areas that are not connected to the UK’s national gas grid. These properties therefore rely on heating their homes with oil boilers in the OX28 postcode area, including the villages of Wichelstowe, Blagrove, Broome Manor and all local areas.  

Oil fired boilers in Wroughton homes work in a similar way to gas boilers to provide central heating via radiators and heat water for your taps. Specialised knowledge and training is, however, needed for the installation of oil boilers in Wroughton, which is why the local family run company, Prestige Heating and Electrical Services, have a qualified team of oil boiler engineers and heating technicians.

The professional team are OFTEC (Oil Firing Technical Association) registered and competent to install all makes and models of modern oil-fired condenser boilers in Wroughton and the local area.

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Wroughton – Modern Oil Boilers

We are Platinum accredited and approved installers of Worcester oil boilers in Wroughton for new and replacement Worcester oil boilers. Our boiler engineers are qualified to install any make and model of oil boiler in Wroughton.

New oil boilers in Wroughton work the same way as gas boilers and come in three types – combi, system or regular boilers. A modern, energy efficient oil boiler costs around the same to run as a gas boiler, depending on the fluctuating price of oil, and they are cheaper than electric heating options.

If you have an oil boiler in Wroughton area you need to have a tank on the property for the storage of the oil. Local Wroughton oil suppliers can deliver oil to you either on a regular basis set by you or as and when you need it. It is important never to let the tank run out of oil as this will affect the oil boiler firing up due to air getting into the fuel line.

The new oil boilers installed in Wroughton by Prestige have a 90+ A rating, which means they are clean, eco-friendly and release a lower levels of carbon emissions compared to older oil boilers.

We work in the Wroughton postcode areas, including SN4 as well as the outlying villages.

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Prestige Services have a team of qualified OFTEC registered heating engineers.

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Our knowledgeable and experienced oil boiler technicians and heating engineers in Wroughton are well-placed to advise you on the best type of oil boiler to suit your circumstances and your home, ensuring the most energy efficient boiler choice for your hot water and heating system. We can also install modern intelligent heating controls to further save you money . We provide free advice and no-obligation quotations for customers who want a new oil boiler in Wroughton.

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We recommend a yearly service before winter from our team.

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Our service checks your system to make sure your boiler is operating as intended.

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Keep your boiler maintained for a longer lasting lifecycle.

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