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There are around 15-million households in the Swindon (SN) postcode area, and one can presume that all of these are connected to the national electricity grid. Therefore, all these homes in Swindon and surrounding suburbs and villages have a fuse box – also known as a consumer unit. We cover the majority of the SN postcode areas including SN1, SN2, SN3, SN5, SN25, SN4 and SN6, as well as the surrounding villages.  

The newer fuse box is sited where the electricity enters your home, and is the device which controls and distributes the power around your Swindon house.

A fuse box has two important features that everyone should know about – a main switch (which allows you to turn off the electricity in an emergency) and Residual Current Devices (RCD) which are switches that trip a circuit which has become dangerous, preventing electrical fires.

When there’s a problem with a fuse box it needs a professional qualified electrician – like those from local company Prestige Heating and Electrical Services – to deal with it.

We undertake a great many electrical fuseboard upgrades in Swindon homes, replacing hazardous old fuse boards which lack RCD protection, we install fuse boards in Swindon homes that require more electrical circuits and we also repair faults on existing fuseboards.

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Symptoms of a Faulty Fuseboard

Although for safety’s sake it needs a fully qualified electrician to fix a faulty fuse box in Swindon, or to install a new fuse box, even a layman will be able to notice the signs and symptoms of a fuse box. You’ll experience the switches tripping out often when you use electrical devices in your home due to circuits becoming overloaded, and may notice a burning smell and burn marks on the fuse box.

Prestige electrical engineers in Swindon are able to diagnose and rectify most fuse box problems. Often a fuse box problem is related to a single faulty appliance, too many devices or extension plugs being used, or poor fuse box wiring.

In severe cases it may be necessary to have a new fuse box installed in Swindon, or even have all or part of your home re-wired, to ensure the safe, efficient delivery of the electricity supply to your appliances and electronic devices. Ignoring a faulty fuse box or wiring issues could prove fatal. 

Qualified Electricians

Our electricians are highly qualified to undertake your wiring and electrical projects.

Advice & Safety

We advise you on the right installation for your home, keeping you safe.

Compliance & Standards

All of our installations and fittings comply with legal regulations for your safety and peace of mind.

Domestic Electrical Installations

Domestic Electrical Installation Specialists in Swindon

It is essential that electrical wiring in Swindon homes be properly planned and expertly installed. Prestige Heating & Electrical Services employ highly qualified and experienced electricians to undertake electrical wiring projects in Swindon, including extensions or loft and garage conversions.

We are also in demand for re-wiring old properties undergoing renovation in Swindon.

We can deal with all sorts of domestic electrical installations in Swindon, complying with Part P of the Building regulations and the strict requirements of the IET, the Institution of Engineering and Technology. 

We keep up to date with current best practice and the latest regulations which involve all manner of technical knowledge such as specified wire and cable types, sizes, colours, operating voltage, current capability and so much more.

Swindon home owners have relied on Prestige for many years to keep the lights burning brightly and safely.

We cover the majority of the Swindon postcode areas, including SN1, SN2, SN3, SN4, SN5, SN6 and SN25 as well as the outlying areas. 

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