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When is a convenient time to experience problems with your gas boiler in Uffington? Unfortunately, there isn’t one and most boiler faults tend to appear at the start of late autumn, just when the weather starts to turn colder and you turn on the heating.

Homeowners can help to avoid that winter boiler breakdown by arranging a boiler service before the colder weather comes. Prestige Heating and Electrical Services carry out boiler servicing locally in Uffington with our highly qualified gas safe registered engineers. We inspect and service boilers across all the SN7 postcodes, including the local areas Fernham, Longcot and Watchfield.

A gas boiler service includes checking the flue, the flame, case seals, boiler casing and the main boiler component parts. Our engineers also test the operating pressure, safety devices and clean any parts that need it. We leave you with a detailed service report. If our engineers identify any potential problems or repairs needed, they would discuss these with you and we would then provide you with a no obligation quote to rectify what was needed.

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Uffington Landlords’ Legal Responsibility

If you live in a rental property in Uffington it is the legal responsibility of the landlord to ensure that your boiler is serviced and all the other gas appliances and flues that belong to the landlord in your home are checked annually by a qualified Uffington Gas Safe registered engineer.

Whatever type of property a landlord rents out in Uffington – from a house or flat to a B&B room – and whether it is let long or short term, it should have a Gas Safety Record certificate (CP 12) with details of the checks carried out annually.

Prestige Heating and Electrical Services’ gas safe registered engineers are qualified and approved to issue Landlord Gas Safety Record certificates. We carry out gas safety inspections in Uffington promptly and professionally, making it easy for Landlords to comply with the law. If any faults are detected we can repair these at a very reasonable cost.

We work with many of the Uffington Letting Agents and estate agents and home buyers in Uffington if they need a gas safety certificate on a property that is up for sale.

Gas Safety Check Reminder

We contact you annually with a reminder to undertake your landlord's gas safety check.

Safety Checks

We check your system to make sure your boilers and appliances are operating safely.

Gas Safety Record (CP 12)

We provide a full service report in compliance with the law in the form of a Landlord Gas Safety Record certificate.

Peace of mind

Uffington Diagnosis and Repair of Boiler Faults

An annual boiler service in Uffington home is essential if you don’t want to be left with either no heating or hot water as your boiler can develop faults. If you notice signs of trouble like a sudden drop in boiler pressure or your boiler starts making strange noises whilst it is running don’t delay – call us in as we have local experienced engineers working in Prestige Heating and Electrical Services and they can diagnose and fix your gas boiler problems in Uffington before they become beyond repair.

Our engineers are qualified and trained to repair any make or model of domestic boiler in Uffington. We’re registered with GAS Safe the Government recognised body. You can rely on our team to be professional, trustworthy, prompt and efficient.

Our aim is to care for your conventional, system or combi gas boiler in Uffington so that it performs at its best for as long as possible, giving you the maximum value for your investment in this essential home appliance.

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